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shadowlies Jan 4, 2006 5:42 AM

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I went out tonight to reshoot my thistle photo but left home too late to catch the colors. On the way home I had a thought and when I got home I started experimenting.

Please comment. It is the only way to learn by getting constructive criticism. I would like to entry this into the POTD but I have played with it a fair bit.

And this is the result.....

In search of Syd Jan 4, 2006 10:22 AM

Shadow, I can't really give you any well informed critique other than to say that for me this works. I really like this.

shadowlies Jan 4, 2006 10:58 AM

Thanks for your reply ISoS. I am glad you like it. I was starting to wonder as people have viewed it and not commented.

It is very much the way I had imagined it in my head. Do you think it is naturally looking. I did not want a picture that looked like it had too much computer editting.

And since you have replied I will ask you for another opinion. Do you think I should have gone with a vertical crop. For some reason the horizontal took my fancy at the time.

In search of Syd Jan 4, 2006 11:40 AM

Well, it may break all the rules but I was thinking more square - I think this would make an excellent CD cover. I have been playing around with some moon shots too. I like the idea of moon & flower.

alex james Jan 4, 2006 12:09 PM

hi shadow i like it too, mind iam only learning myself.


SteveDak Jan 4, 2006 1:06 PM

Great idea MoonShadow (sorry couldn't help myself :G)

I like it except I think the flower might be better coming out of the base of the photo closer to the moon and not diagonally opposed to it - kind of find there competeing for my attention. I'd focus on the bloom and give the moon a little lessprominence in the background. When they're on the same diagonal I'm not sure which is in command.

Purely personal opinion which is far from educated.

In search of Syd Jan 4, 2006 1:13 PM

Shadow said:

"I was starting to wonder as people have viewed it and not commented."

I wouldn't worry too much about not getting any comments initially. I think the time differences between us all have a lot to do with things. Quite a few of my serious posts have gone completetly ignored, but I certainly don't take that seriously.

Strangely, when I posted "Debbie & Anita (one topless)" a satirical post, in the "People" forum only 5 days ago, it has since recieved 652 views. You will notice that posts in this section don't get so many hits in such a short space of time,even though the quality of images and compositions posted are far, far better. Us red blooded males I guess. But I guess it just shows that the number of views or comments doesn't always correlate with good photography.

When you do get a critique it feels good even if at first there are some seemingly negative points. (in fact it can only be seen as all positive really in the learning curve) Some here are very expert in this wide world of photography and that shows in their expertise of critique too. It's very nice to hear others critiques or views too.

Seems most around here too appreciate good humour and gentle ribbing.

Hope this helps a bit.



VAtechtigger Jan 4, 2006 1:19 PM

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I would have to agree that the subjects are too far apart in the photo for it to work for me. Makes me look back and forth to much.

I think a closer edit does it more justice. (excuse my MS paint hackjob, im at work)

Although, the longer I look at the original, th emore I like it. After a while I stop looking back and forth and take in the whole image. has a sort of longing sensation to it.

Regardless, good job

Hards80 Jan 4, 2006 2:06 PM

i agree that the first picture the subjects were too far apart..

the other thing that bothers me is that the flower does not look moonlit.. the moon in this shot is not bright enough to have illuminated the flower to this degree.. so this really shows that it has been photoshopped.. also the flower is illuminatedon its top side, but the moon is to its face.. so you are going to have tobalance the direction of illuminance as well as the amount..

but i like the idea.. very creative.. just balance the exposure a bit more..


SteveDak Jan 4, 2006 3:15 PM

VAtechtigger wrote:

(excuse my MS paint hackjob, im at work)
Youstill cocking around during work time VA :blah:

Liked your recomposition - more or less what I had in mind.

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