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My first attempt at this kinda editing in ps.I like my shot, but i think somethings missing in the edititng..not happy..anyone? thanksJules
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Looks good, but the attention isn't all in the bus, because it isn't that noticable with the weak yellow.
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It's a nice shot, and the selective colour is pretty well done. I think that what might be causing the 'something's missing' feeling is that there's a large amount of black space and sky, which while it frames the shot nicely, means your subject, the bus, is a rather small percentage of the photo, and is rather overwhelmed, despite the selective colouring. Try a closer crop?

Also, for me, the bus seems almost out of place, because it is large, and heading perpendicular to the leading lines of the street. For me this breaks up those lines, and causes my eyes to roam around the image. This may well be personal preference though.

Everything's a little too central for my taste, too. I'd have liked to have seen the shot from a little bit of an angle, instead of looking straight down the street.

Hope this is of some help!


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