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this was taken in a gymnasium during a graduation ceremony, hence the lights that are visible in his eyes, it wasn't my flash, i didn't use one.
does this work for anyone? i got rid of the background because it wasn't important anyway, and i think it accents the face much more this way.
let me know what you think please.

mike j.
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It's a nice capture.

Thing that bothers me most is the cut-off of the bottom of his chin.

The eyes are awesome.


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thanks ben
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Apart from the end of the nose you have got everything else tack sharp.

You did tell us it was an edit so difficult to know in hindsight howI would have looked upon it otherwise. There does seem a halo existing around the subject that with a bit more work or smoother work-flow could be removed. Sill I think it is a believable and good effort.

I think there is a warm colour cast on the face that you could remove a littleto make the image more "life real" (Its a bit red Mike, although I do realise it might be what you were after ie ananger feel etc) Still I think it would be better without. Just looks like the white balance is off to me in the end.

I like the in your face pose to this shot. The top and chin cuts are not a big deal.

Its a personal choice, but along with the colour cast (which is not cheating in fixing) I might clean up some small blemishes in order to keep the impact on the eyes. If you are after a broad appeal and not just personal, it is important that you apply a certain amount of work to "beauty retouching" Sorry cant think of another way of putting it. :blah:. No offense, Its the same for every model - 95 percent of the time.

Talking about broad appeal. - despite the fact the red eyes are the thing for you in this shot.. Why not try removing it, for a slight change in composition. The face eyes and lips have a certain character that could also benefit without it and make a better portrait.

Take care -

Ps think about editing out the gray part on the jumper on the bottom of the shot to all black.
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