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Widowmaker,it's an excellent rework:-)My Photoshop skills are only at a basic level at the moment,would you mind giving me a brief explanation as to how you did it?
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I don't know how basic your skills are so I don't want to appear to be talking down to you.

Change the color of the leaf.

1. Selected the leaf by using the lasso (rope tool) in photoshop. Draw around the edges of the leaf.

2. While the leaf is selected choose image>adjustments>channel mixer and adjust color to what you want or as close as you can get it.

3. With leaf still selected and near to desired color go to image>adjustments>brightness and contrast. Adjust brightness and contrast until color is what you want.

4. Go to select and choose deselect so leaf is no longer selected.

Remove unwanted items.

1. Choose the clone stamp tool (looks like rubber stamp)

2. Choose a "SOFT" brush size. That will be the brush icons that do not look like solid circles but rather a circle that is dark in the middle and then lightens towards the edges.

3. Set the brush size to fit the area you will be working in. You will probably change brush sizes depending on what area your in.

4. With the clone stamp tool selected place the cursor in an area near the object you are wanting to remove. It should be appropriate for covering the object you are removing. For example to remove the debris on the rocks I chose an area of the rock.

5.Once you are in the area you want hold the alt key and then click the left mouse button once.

6. Release the alt key, move the cursor to the area you want to cover, left click and hold as you paint over the object.

Notice that when you left click the mouse and hold you will have two cursors. The cross shaped cursor represents the source and the circle represents your brush. Anything the cross passes over is what the brush will use to paint with.

Not really brief but I hope it helps.

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