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tacticdesigns May 14, 2013 2:11 PM

A stroll with Emma
This is another odd shot I got from last year. From one of the walks I took with my youngest. Shot with another waterproof point-and-shoot that I usually had in my pocket, until I gave it to Emma earlier this year.
A stroll with Emma. by tacticdesigns, on Flickr

Here's a link to this picture on my Flickr acct . . .

Its a portrait without a face. More so, its of Emma's shoes. Some kids end up having a favourite blanket, or toy, or whatever. For Emma its been these shoes. So last year I started taking pictures of these shoes.

Yes. I did take some pictures of her face. Those are the ones I put on Facebook <grin>

SIMON40 May 15, 2013 6:02 PM

Curiously,I'd like to see this one in colour...!
I see on your Flickr images several cameras have been used....
Are you a camera junkie like me...? :D

tacticdesigns May 15, 2013 8:51 PM

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I found the original colour version. Not sure if this upload is going to work. :) So much easier linking from Flickr.

It worked . . . but kinda big so I shrunk it down a bit.

I notice its not that sharp. Not that it was perfectly sharp to start with, but something seems to be lost with the upload.

I guess I had envisioned this as a B&W right from the start so as soon as I made the B&W I guess I just filed away the colour right away.

As for the cameras . . . yeah, absolutely I'm a camera junkie. :) That's the thing. When someone asks me how many cameras I have, I have to clarify with them . . . how many cameras do I have, or how many cameras does my wife think I have. <grin>

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