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I just bought a Tokina 12-24mm f/4...it`s my first wide angle and my first impression is that i cannot get the pics quite as sharp as i would like to.

I know that the edges are unsharp..thats normal but i`m a bit dissapointed about the overal sharpness of the pictures.

Can someone give me a few hints about improving this....does the apparture have a great influence on sharpness? if it does what should i be carefull about ?
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aperture will always have an affect on sharpness. depening on the aperture you will have less or great DOFs. and are you using manual or auto focus? this could also affect the shaprness of your photos.


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You may want to photograph a brick wall. One that has fairly good definition between the mortor and brick colours. Set up on a tripod (improvise if necessary) and shoot some controlled and progressive images stopping the appeture down between each. Examine the results. This will help you locate the sweet spot for the lense and define how wide ( # of stops ) it is.
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I choose the aperture and shutter speed manually but always in Autofocus mode.

Why, is this a problem? would it be better in manual focus ?

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Great suggestions and advise by Logan and RedRhino. Test out what RedRhino suggested as there are "SweetSpots" on certain lenses that give you a very, very sharp picture, as Oppossed to an OK piture. Certain lenses perform better at certain focal length and at certain Apertures. It's like the sweet spot on a tennis racquet :Gor a badminton or squash racquet, or even a Golf club or baseball bat.

The other thing not mentioned is with using AF, sometimes there is a "backfocus" issue with a certain lens mounted/used with that camera. Then again sometimes you may need to pay attention to which focus sensorthe camera is using. Some cameras have nine AF points and if you don't select which one you are using, it may not be focusing on what you think you are focusing on. I've always, just out of habit locked my focusing sensor to use the middle point only. Sometimes I will AF the toggel to fine tune the focus with MF to make sure I get the picture I want.

Just some thoughts that I've come up with, hope this helps, I'm sure there are others I'm not mentioning here too. Good Luck.

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