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Default Want to learn.

I'm very new to this amateur photography world and am trying to become the best photographer I possible can. Any comments are eagerly welcomed!
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On my screen, the flower looks a tad out of focus. But the big problem is that the light is way too harsh ("hard" is the actual term used in photography). This is caused by the light being from too small a source for the subject (it can be the sun and still be "too small" -- the idea is that the source of the light should cover a large percentage of the view. You can accomplish that by placing a diffuser between the light source and the subject -- possibly a white sheet -- or by using a reflector to provide additional light -- again, a sheet or other white material could do.

Working with light is the main preoccupation of photography, and it takes a long time to get comfortable with. It also takes a fair amount of equipment -- the more you get into the hobby, the more you'll need a big bag to carry all the reflectors, flash units and flash modifiers, rf transceivers, etc. But don't start by buying that stuff -- start by getting an understanding of how you want to modify the light for your photo. Then, if you can't build the right thing, you'll know what you want to buy and why. A really good book on light if you're at all technically inclined is http://www.amazon.com/Light-Science-...ence+and+magic FWIW

[ETA: It occurs to me that my assertion that the light was too small may be easily misconstrued. This is not about what is lit -- you can still only illuminate the flower and have a larger, more diffuse light source. The idea is that the thing that you want to be lit has gentler highlights and shadows -- whatever you choose to light needs to be lit from multiple angles.]

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Hi Mauricio.

You say you are new to photography so im going to keep it pretty simple, just so as not to overwhelm you with phrases an techniques you will earn in your own time.

The good.

image is well composed. flower is slightly off center, the flower is looking into the image, drawing the viewers eye into the photo, and the flower is well exposed. good job.

The critique
The flower is not sharp. it needs to be a lot sharper/in focus to make this a much better photo.

If you were going for the black background, good job.
If not, try and not use the built in camera flash. instead, use a tripod ( or a sturdy rock/brick or anything to rest your camera on) so you can take a longer photo that will let in more of the surrounding light.

Looking forward to seeing more of your work.
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