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Here are the best pics from a recent wedding reception. The bride and groom are friends of mine. They didn't have a photographer for the reception, so I took out my Olympus C-7070, strapped on my Kalimar 175A manual flash, and went to town shooting candids.

1 - original

1 - edit

I was forced to use ISO 200, so there was plenty of noise (not visible at 600 px), but neat image turned down the volume. For the background, since there's no important detail, I just blurred the crap out of the background and then added back some texture/reality with Photoshop's 'add noise'. Then there's the huge crop; I was forced to shoot in landscape orinetation since I needed bounce flash off the ceiling (my flash can't rotate to the left or right). Thank goodness it was a 7 MP image to begin with! Next came cloning out the white shirt up against her arm, followed by some burning of the edges to create more contrast with the subject. After whitening the teeth and fixing the awkward left side of the neck, a touch of blur overlay seals the moment.

2 - original

2 - edit

The exact same methods were used for this image.

3 - original

3 - edit

This one gets a good deal more involved. First, we simply must get rid of those oh so tacky plastic Budweiser and Grandy's cups and also the metal folding chairs (hey, me and my friends ain't rich!) Two of those cups pose a problem, since behind them are shirts, dresses, and arms. Each of these elements had to be recreated; for example the bride's right arm came mostly from her left arm. After the major problems were wrapped up, I employed some fake depth of field (my cheap camera reaches infinity at, like, five feet, even wide open)... not too much blur though, or it'll look fake. After a touch of blur overlay, the image didn't quite balance, so I copied and mirrored part of the plant to lend a bit of symmetry.

Anyway, I hope youve enjoyed my uphill battle against cheap equipment!

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Nice work on #3, wow, how long did that take?

Since you put so much into #3, I'd remove the door in the background too.

Very well done!
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Thanks for the comment. Number 3 took about a solid hour. I thought about removing the door, but I think it balances the image and adds another plane of interest... the foreground flowers, the main subject, and the background door.
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Nice job on the edit for #3 - very good attention to detail with a very nice result.
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The only other thing I might have tried in #3 would have been to close his eye, but I just don't quite have the level of skill required for such a bold edit in such a critical location. If anybody here has this skill, I'd love to see the results.
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