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Something that eddie haskell wrote, "...As a very new beginner in photography, I appreciate your sharing, and find it quite enlightening....but the rigidness of it, sort of makes me feel we must operate within a box, to be excepted." brought to mind a piece that I heard on the NPR show Science Friday.

I don't remember exactly what the bit was about, but it related to research into how people process visual images. Test subjects were hooked up to a machine that could track their eye movements. There may have been some brainwave analysis going on also, I don't remember. The subjects were then shown a series of pictures and the machines recorded what areas they looked at, in what order and for what duration.

It turned out that there was a high degree of correlation in the performance of the test subjects, suggesting that there is at least some degree of visual perception and processing that is wired into the brain.

The sorts of "rules" and techniques that Rodney has been demonstrating must conform in some degree with this common perception or they wouldn't have persisted long enough to become "rules".

An architect can decorate his building any way that he wants to, but the building itself has to conform to certain physical laws of design or it will not stand up for very long.

I'm all for creative expression, but the structure of any piece of art has to conform to certain basic parameters if it is to appeal to most of the people most of the time. This is why atonal music is -- and probably always will be -- considered to be "fringe" music while the music of Wagner and Mozart will always have a large following.

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great series, rodney. very well written.

As for being constrained by rules, i would like to encourage anyone to visit www.qwantz.com. This webcomic (Dinosaur Comics) uses the exact same art 5 days a week (except for once-or-twice-annual guest weeks) and has been going strong since february 2003! Despite its six-frame "constraints", and the rules it has to adhere to, Ryan North has been able to successfully keep the strip fresh. Furthermore, there is a TON of fan-made comics where the strip's fans have uploaded their own content.

heck, there's even a photography related one kicking around the archives:

The point i'm trying to make is that the "rules" are as liberating as they are constraining. They certainly have helped me!
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thanks for sharing this info

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Thanks for the comments. I'm currently working on more tutorial type information to share on the forum so keep checking in.

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I would like to echo with the rest of the posters who find this information invaluable.

I look forward to more of your tutorials and excellent information shared here on this forum.


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