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As a long time reader-only of this Forum I noticed that panos are the thing these days. So when in Rome... I went to Rome. Well not exactly in that order. I went to Rome about a month ago and tried a pano of the Forum they have there: the Forum Romanum. On the left the palace of Vittorio Emmanuelle II and on the right the Colloseum. In between a load of other monuments. Rome is the biggest open air museum you can think of. With the best food courts[img]images/emoticons/grin.gif[/img] scattered around.

Shot with Powershot S60 on (sorry...) full auto. Stitched with Autostitch. That one works much better than the one that comes with photoshop. It stitched flawlessly without the burned overlaps in the sky that photoshop left behind. And it is free. See:

Anxious for you comments.


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this is a good first attempt at a pano.. the blending seems to work pretty well, though its hard to tell at this small of size..

shootin in full-auto is usually not a good idea on panos as the camera will remeter after every shot, leading to differing exposures that when stitched together show the demarcations between shots.. better to take a few meter readings from different points in the scene and then set a manual meter that is closest to being inbetween them.. or you can just use your exposure lock to keep your exposures the same..

thank for sharing and i hope this is a start of participation now that you have been reading for a while!

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Its very hard to make a photograph of high impact when including almost a whole city scape at a fairly high vantage point. Of course there are very many famous buildings in your photograph that are easily recognisable, and this is great if what you are after is to represent the scene as you saw it from this position.Thiscan anddoes work in situations where the light is unusual interesting. Maybe at night, sunset or early morning. However in normal daylight situations, isolating less can often mean more, making something that is easier for viewers of your photographs to revisit.

The light source (sun) from looking at your shadows,is in an ideal position to illuminate this whole scene in a consistent manner. Your location (vantage point) and the wide landscape angle herehave not caused any exposure problems during your stitch. So the auto setting has been fine in this situation luckily.

The traditional approach from Hards is by far the simplest method. (exposure lock on an average reading)However it will give you traditional results.... haha. By that I don't mean necessarily bad. But your pictures will only be properly exposed in one position. And in very many situations you will have great difficulty in maintaining detail from one side to the other, or in avoiding completely blown out areas. It wont make a huge amount of difference in small prints and web viewing, but they wont cut it on large prints.

As mentioned on a previous thread


There are other ways of improving panos that are anything more than 90 degrees, or indoors with differing light.

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