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Default Yellow Cast

I need some help.

Will someone help me to use Photoshop 6 to remove the yellow cast?

All help appreciated
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Old Mar 16, 2016, 3:25 PM   #2
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If you find the dropper tool in RGB white balance, drag it across and click on the mans white pocket handkerchief.

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Old Mar 17, 2016, 2:35 PM   #3
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Gotta love fluorescent light....
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Open a new colour balance layer in PS, adjust toward blue and toward cyan on mid tones, and possibly shadows juggle your adjustments until your happy.

Quick sample attached. ... Jack

Edit-- With hindsight, you could probably whiten the brides dree too if you make adjustment on highlights too, you need to juggle all until you get a good result.

Another quick sample, i could have spent a lot more time to refine this. ... J
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Old Mar 21, 2016, 10:11 PM   #5
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I dont think the brides dress is white, but close to the same color as the grooms tie.
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Old Mar 28, 2016, 2:22 PM   #6
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Bynx, I tend to agree, my initial reaction was that the dress was a cream colour as well.

The problem I'm seeing is that there are two distinct issues at play:

1. Brutal fluorescent lighting from the top, which causes a green cast on the ceiling, his collar, her face, the flowers, the hanging light shade, etc.
2. Brutal carpet (and 80s oak furniture), which causes a red cast on the lower part of the dress, his left hand, her right arm, etc.

Every change you make to fix one will affect the other negatively.
Removing red will make orange stuff go green
Removing green will make orange stuff go red (adding makes it go yellow)
Adding blue will make orange stuff go pink/purple

Since I accept that the dress is a shade of orange (off white, cream, etc are basically a very light shade of orange), I can predict what will happen to the overall image by adjusting the colour balance. I'm of the opinion that you'd need to edit this shot in multiple layers, working on each piece alone, in order to solve all the issues. Too many tweaks to fix bad areas will break good areas. (4 pieces: dress/shirt/tie, skin, pews/floor, background/ceiling; the suit being black can go almost anywhere, though since it has a slightly orange cast to it (per my eyedropper), I'd likely include it with the floor)

Also, is it just me or is the only "white" that actually looks "correct" is the white in the flag? Perhaps the proximity to both blue and red are helping offset the green cast by the fluorescent lighting...?
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Old Mar 28, 2016, 6:02 PM   #7
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Well Conor, on my monitor the windows his shirt and pocket hankie are white. His tie is a champagne color which is what her dress is also. There is a strong red reflection from the rug cast on the pews as well as her dress. Ive removed the yellow cast, lowered the red from the rug which reduced the reflection on her dress somewhat as well as the reddish cast to the pews. Taking each element on its own, the rug looks good, as well as the pews, the flag, the windows, the skin, and the green flower stems. The only thing I dont like is the glare on his hand. It looks a little bleached out. Other than that I dont have any problems with it. Looking at jachol's take on it, I can only say WOW. There isnt much about the attempt that is right. Really blue cast now, no details in the shadows as you can see the guys brown suit has become a dark blue one. The womans dress is bleached highlights. When I saw it I was absolutely speechless. My version isnt a far cry from the original, but as I see it not a lot was needed except what was asked for, reducing the yellowish tone and toning down the red. Also the ceiling is white, but the walls are a creamy yellow color. Muskets take was pretty close.

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Really like your edit, Bynx. About the only other thing that could be done would be to do a color mask, and lower the red level a bit in the bottom part.
I would say the strong color cast is from the stained glass windows, rather than any indoor lighting. The fixture visible over their heads is not lit, and, looking at the shadows, it can be seen the light is from behind the photographer's left shoulder.
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quick try
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I deleted my post as you all are right, what was posted is not what was requested.

Bynx appears to have "nailed" it (with his post on page 2).

I really like how the bride's dress turned out in that rendition.
(A possible touch to Bynx's post is to use the sharpening brush to bring out bride & groom features, particularly the bouquet.)

A guess is that B&W was used together with the original pix for Bynx's final.
(Again, just a guess.)

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