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Hi Guys,

Pls comment........

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I like the picture, but the colors aren't as intense as I like. All easy to fix in PP, the same with the other flower pic you posted. But... good stuff.
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Abhi,Welcome to the forum.This is a relatively good capture but it would be a stronger composition if it was cropped tighter. The backgroung is blurred well but it does not have enough contrast to the main subject and point of interest. The centre of the flower itself seems to be rather unsaturated and therefore I am left feeling a little flat regarding the overall shot. You could attempt to bring up the saturation in Photoshop but the background would probably become overpowering without using multiple layers, etc... etc... That sort of editing is best done in the camera (ie: find a better background ) ...Still a nice shot ...Thanks for sharing On side note... Analyzing and commenting on photographs takes time and effort. I normally will choose a shot ( or two) and submit them for review. I think you will get more effective reviews and more people will invest that time if you carefully choose and submit 1 or 2 photographs for review at a time. There are some amazing photographers here ( some like Hards80 are presently MIA <grin>) that share knowledge with us less skilled . We all benefit from their careful analysis rather than just looking at pretty pictures.
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first off, welcome to the forum..

your shot is a little underexposed and lacks good saturation since the flower appears to be in shadow.. if you really want to do flowers you need a reflector and a diffuser.. use a big piece of white cardboard and you can really reflect some light onto your subject which can fill in shadows in areas of strong sidelight and in this case put some light on your subject.. the good news is you have good depth of field here.. but a tighter crop would work better i think..

also, i see you posted a bunch of shots the last 2 days.. honestly, we will not look at them.. i looked at this and 1 other and thats it.. takes too much time and we dont get paid to do this (unfortunately).. spread them out, maybe 2-3 photos a week.. AFTER you have already critiqued yourself and picked out the ones you REALLY WANT critiqued.. you will get much better and more comments and will have the opportunity to learn..

also, include a little intro to your pic.. what you liked, what you didnt, what you want help with.. not just critique please.. give us something to work off of.. and you will learn more in the process...

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a much tighter crop (we all know how a flower looks at a distance, but getting up close

and personal with them shows off the intricacies of one of natures true beautys!) and a

bit more light and this would be a beauty!

if you enjoy shooting flowers, browse the sight for julies517's posts.

her eye for compasition is spot on!

here's a bit of ps work on my end.


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Old Mar 1, 2006, 1:25 PM   #6
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Thanx for the comment.... I have just started photography as my hobby and these were my fisrt shot........Will take your comments definetly into considerations...

Thanx for the comment will help me lot.

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Hi Dustin,

Thanx a lot for suggestion as I am new to forums I was'nt aware of these rules,so I uploaded 10 to 15 images at single go.
and once again thanx 4 the input i will definetely next time take them into considerations.


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