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balmans Aug 16, 2007 4:04 PM

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Hello everyone,

I am experimenting with my first DSLR a Panasonic Dmc fz20. I have taken few pictures and I like to get your views on it. 1) Do you think its a good Picture.

2) If no what could have been done to makeit better?

Many thanks in advance.



Mark1616 Aug 16, 2007 5:35 PM

Messin' around is one of the best ways to learn so hope you are having fun, the next thing to dois self critique..... what is your instant feeling, does it work, doesn't it (trust yourself, you will be surprised how much you know as you will have seen scenes and photos all of your life). Ifyou don't instantly get the feeling that something has worked or is almost there then probably it isn't. Next thingto do is stick it on here and letother peoplehave a look...... sorry to say the clever ones have not commented yet so you are stuck with my take!

I like water reflection shots as they add another dimension. You have some good reflections here and I really like the tree coming down from the top right. I think you were working in difficult lighting and I would say it was rather overcast so rather than having a nice sky reflection you have grey dirty water. My brain is also wanting to see what was further up the picture as there is an alluring gap but we can't see it.

If it is close to you and you get a chance pop back when the light is more flatting and give it another bash.

balmans Aug 16, 2007 5:52 PM

Thanks a lot Mark for your comments,

I had not included a subject more out of ignorance of trying not to clutter a picture, but your comment does make perfect sense to get the eye attracted to either the fore or Back ground.

2) I was working on overcast conditions and I have to admit I liked the picture myself because it had some sort of posterized effect. I will go back on a sunny day to get a different perspective.

Thanks again Mark.



Mark1616 Aug 16, 2007 5:56 PM

It sure has that polarised effect as you can clearly see the wood and stones in the water.

A lot of the time overcast can be a photographers best friend as it is a great natural diffuser so great for portraits, I think you can make a good shot a great one with the right lighting and possibly a slight change to the angle. Hope to get to see take 2 of this.

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