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Hi, would appreciate input on the following pics I took at the zoo the other day. Shot these with my new Canon 350XT and Tamron 300MM lens. All shots are handheld. I am definitely a beginner, so don't hold back.

I have major flaws in the flamingo and white bird pictures, but would like to hear it from you guys to back up my self-criticism. The hippo image I think is pretty good, and it is untouched save for some sharpening.

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Welcome to the forum. For a good response, it might be a good idea to make one post at a time, this way folks concentrate on that specific post. Also a much smaller pic to avoid the pain of scrolling. Example posted. Thanks for sharing.

Pic #1 Sharp and well exposed. Nice dof. I think you might given it a tighter cropping since the surrounding is not interesting and does not add any thing to the picture.

Pic#2: I like the sharpness. I see the point of view is the centre bird. Don't you think a tighter cropping is requisite here. Some of that background at the top of the picture should have also been removed. Was also wondering what artistic value there is in mutilating some of those birds. I think either include or exlude them.

Pic #3: Not correctly exposed. Not sharp enough. Johannesburg zoo? Please keep posting so that we can see more of your work. Regard. Jaki.
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I agree with one shot being better. I only have the energy to comment on one photo at a time.
Okay so you shot a picture of a perfectly still
black almost metalic looking hippo that is resting so hard that
I can almost feel him crushing me.
I like the crop
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Ill comment on number 3. I like this shot. There is not much you could have done differently as the birds are so close together. It would benice if the bird parts on the lower right and left werent in the shot, but you wouldnt be able to crop them out and leave the subject intact. For next time, try to isoilate your subject better i guess. The focus and DOF seem to have been a bit forward of your main subject to me.
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#1 is alright. the focus is correct and its exposed pretty well, but i find the crop to be a bit too loose. since you already cut off much of the animal, i would have went ahead and cropped in close to the face.

#2 is composed pretty well. but there is not enough depth of focus to get the 2nd bird sharp as well. plus if you look around the beaks you can see some artifacting, did you sharpen or increase contrast before resize?

#3 you missed the focus. if you had keptthe shallow depth of field and would have had that on the middle bird it might have worked, but your focus is on the tail of the foreground bird, which does not work.

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