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I'm new to dSLR photography, I was very happy with this photo that I took last night and was wondering what you think and if you could offer any constructive critisism?
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I love long exposure shots, you can get some great shots - a lot of people take the attitude that they are not that interesting, or "seen one seen them all". I personally really like dragging the shutter...

However your problem here is the softness (did you use a tripod?) and the posts that get in the way. Maybe I would suggest getting closer to the train and get the foreground distractions out of the way. Also at the very top is a light which has really bled into the frame as it is so bright - i would just close in so that this is not in the shot.



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It was taken by hand ona 1 second exposure, hence the softness. I would have used my tripod if I'd had it with me....

I actually quite like the posts, I think the add rather than detract from the composition, however I can see what you mean about the forground, I guess it's a personal thing (but I'm still learning so different ideas are always worth exploring... ;o)

Thanks for taking the time to have a look ;O)
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i like it.....go back with tripod and take a rock steady shot.....posts dont get in the way to me except the right hand one, id move closer to it so it wasnt in shot but the rest where, and look down platform a little more

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