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Great topic. Here's my two cents worth ...

It might seem odd, since I am just plain lousy at landscapes, that many of my favorite photographers are experts in that field. Of course, I love David Muench and Ansel Adams (few people realize he was a wonderful color and portrait photographer, in addition to being a classic B&W master.) But without any hesitation, my top pick would be the late Galen Rowell. He was my own personal superhero for many years. His and his wifes' early deaths were a tragedy that still brings tears to my eyes and an ache to my heart. What a loss! Galen's use of light transformed my own photographic outlook. I can't recall the exact words, but my favorite quote from him was life-changing. It went something like this:

When asked how he found such inaccessible, beautiful scenery to photograph, Galen replied that it had little to do with the scenery. In fact, one of the most celebrated landscape photographers of all time claimed to have never photographed scenery. He photographed light.

First he would scout out what he thought would be an interesting subject; then he went back later when the conditions were right and photographed the light falling upon it. Conversely, if he saw great light, he grabbed his camera and ran out to find something, ANYTHING to photograph. The subject was far far less important to him than the quality of light.

Sounds simple, doesn't it? Well, I don't have his technical skill or athlecticism, but I try to follow the same principal with my portraits. Sometimes I forget this; but my best work was captured when I followed his philosophy.

My top portrait photographer is the same as many others around the world: Steve McCurry. He "poses" most of his portraits, and somehow in his skilled hands this does not detract from his work, but only adds to it.

All amazing, amazing men.

Steve McCurry http://www.stevemccurry.com/main.php
Galen Rowell http://www.mountainlight.com/gallery.html
David Muench http://muenchphotography.com/artist_bios.jsp

Guess you can tell by my picks that I'm a huge National Geographic fan. But there are so many greats out there to learn from; I could go on and on, but y'all would be asleep long before I was done. I am not familiar with any of the others mentioned here (except Anne Geddes, who I never cared for ... sorry, Tazzie!) But after your post I think I'll give her, and the other forum's favs a look.

What a fun post, Mark! Ria

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mark ... Hi

Ok .. Websites ....

Heather Angel:


alias Johhny Stiletto ... I could not find a website .... just a lot of references to the book published: 'Shots from the hip, Another Way of Looking Through the Camera.'

All the best

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