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i took my very first "amauter studio" portrait the other day. to me it looks pretty good, however i lack experience to know what looks really good to a trained eye.

i'd really like some ideas, perhaps what am i doing right or wrong. tips to improve my skills would be greatly appreciated.

thank you in advance - kevin
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Good picture Kevin....The composition is good and the pose is nice to...If anything, a tiny tweek of contrast or saturation...But even that isnt necessary...Its a good shot as is....

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Old Dec 19, 2006, 10:58 AM   #3
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looks good
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Old Dec 23, 2006, 10:42 PM   #4
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I would saturate a bit and make the colors warmer ... IMHO
other then that it is fine
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Old Dec 26, 2006, 5:28 AM   #5
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a nice shot

as suggested i think a boost in contrast and a bit of levels play may help the shot

see my quick edit below. hope you don tmind

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Old Dec 26, 2006, 10:05 AM   #6
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I find the angle of his head a little extreme, how about a pose that puts them closer to this:
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Old Dec 27, 2006, 9:38 PM   #7
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´╗┐Hello Kevin,

First attempts are always challenging. You will have many first attempts in the world of portraiture because everyone is a little different and situations will rarely be exactly the same.

I've just gotten a new monitor and it isn't calibrated correctly, but it looks like your image is very cool. The color wasn't corrected in the edited versions and the edited versions have blown highlights. The exposure on the original seems to be accurate.

The pose: Is this couple lovers or best friends? Arms crossed(I rarely like to see) with backs turned to one another with heads touching kind of looks like a couple friends to me. For lovers, I like to see the eyes of one in line with the lips of the other. I work my poses around that idea.

The lighting: You didn't mention the lighting set-up you are using. It looks like you are using a bracket mounted flash. Light on the faces is a bit too flat and not particularly flattering for either subject.

The Keys: You are using a low key background(dark) while the subjects are wearing high key(light) clothing. Doing so creates unnecessary distractions.

Coordination: The gentleman is wearing a white shirt and the lady is wearing a light blue shirt on a low key background. The lightest or brightest element in the scene will be the Center Of Interest (COI). In this scene the gentleman's white shirt is the attention getter because there is where the most contrast with other elements in the scene can be found. Ideally, both subjects will wear the same color or at the
very least a similar tone.

You want to do everything you possibly can to lead the viewer to the subjects eyes without distracting elements to pull the viewer away. Interesting elements for the viewer to "check out" are fine.

Thank you for sharing.

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Old Dec 29, 2006, 12:54 AM   #8
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thanks rodney. lots of information in your post. yes it was a bracketed flash that i used, my only light source for right now. thanks for all the pointers, i will use all that new knowledge in my next portrait.
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