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Hey guys/gals,

I really am trying to learn to compose pictures form behind the lens, but often have to resort to Photoshop to try to wrangle some tolerable composition from my photos.

Here is a photo of one of my cats - Calhoun - and I could *really* use some advice as to the best crop. Of course, any other critique is welcome, too!


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Hi Chris,

With the shape the cat making almost the Golden Mean then if you had just framed further to the right this would have been very good.

I'm slowly getting better at framing while in the field but still often 'tweak' when doing PP. I just try to remember what changes I made when editing so I can try to do this when first taking the shot.

Here are acouple ofgood articles that might help.



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i thnk this comp works nicely in this shot. as mentioned the golden mean comes to mind. Persoanlly i like my images to stretch right across a frame so i would have been more inclined to prob leave in a lil bit more body on the right side so that the head was pushed harder up against the left side and minimise that blanket which does in this case appear quite distracting.

overall i like it and judging from this shot it seems you have a good grip on choosing a good comp to match the sibject etc

nice one

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Thanks for the links, Mark; they've been bookmarked.

Thank you both, also, for the comments regarding my photo. I was thinking that either the photo should extend further right, as both of you have mentioned, or I should crop it down to the head and paws - but then I would loose so much lovely fur texture.

One of the difficulties with photographing my cats is they will pose only briefly before deciding to either A) investigate the camera or B) strike a new pose. I feel that I have to get off as many pics as possible before the aforementioned events occur. All three felines seem to enjoy being models, though.

Basically, any good comp on my part is luck!

Thanks again for the advice.
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