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Here are my first two shots with my Nikon D80. They're full 10.2mp shots, so one is 3.1mb and the other is 3.4mb. So what do you all think? Are they worth a crap, or are there some things I could have done better. This is my first SLR, so I'm new to this stuff.

Pic 1

Pic 2

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hey mate

welcome to theforums. is it possible to resize the shots to something lke 750by500 and attach so its a lot easier to take the image in without all the loading.

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Very nice. You've got a good eye. Just a couple of points:

1: Reflections compliment shots like these, but the reflections in these shots are clipped by the near shoreline. I think it would have been better if you could have gotten closer to the water.

2. In the second shot, I think there's too much sky. There's nothing there to fill the frame. If there was a Moon, then it would have been ok, but in this you've got nothing.

3.Also in the second shot,the far shoreline is curved. This is a "fisheye" effect that may show up under certain circumstances with any lens, but is most obvious at wide angles. In order to avoid it, you should try to keep straight horizontal lines nearer tothe center of the frame. That would also correct for the excess sky, but would increase the portion of the near shoreline within the frame. You could have cropped it in post-processing, but here you've got nothing to work with. Again, if you were closer to the edge of the water, it might have been better.

Thanks for sharing, though. And welcome to the wonderful world of digital SLRs.
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Welcome John,

Nice to have an other Nashvillianaround here I really like the first shot. I have to agree with TCav about the lens distortion on the second shot. That can be corrected in photoshop fairly easily.

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too Much distortion for my liking, nothing really seems to be in focus properly but thats what you get with intense lights. Composition is nearly there i'd have shot a little lower to the ground and a bit closer to the waterso that theres less Sky. Not too bad for your first shots i've seen worseKeep practising though and keep us updated on progress

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