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surfTX wrote:
Wow guys. Thanks for all of the input thus far, i appreciate it. As i said, im kinda new to this so some of the things mentioned above are sorta greek to me. First "EXIF," what is this andwhat does it do? What isdefogging? What is USM? Also what do you mean by selective color? As far as editing programs go, i basically just have a variety of shareware (PhotoFiltre, GIMP,basic Picasa stuff)programs. I haven't got to buying anything, but it looks like that will be neccesary. Again i thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge.
EXIF Data is data that is saved as part of most, 95%, of all new digital cameras. It saves informationa about the settings that were used when the shot was taken. As well as info about the camera that was used. So for eg you can veiw the EXIF data of a shot and then use the same settings to duplicate the shot again, or try too at least, given that the condition might be the same. There are several exif data readers around and places like flickr.com actually grab the data when you upload a shot, so you can then view it.

I will admit I have never had a point and shoot but the defogging is basically getting rid of the hazy film that gets put on shots. To make them somewhat clearer and sharper. Kind of like lifting the smog out of a cityscape shot. USM is Unsharp Mask, a tool in Photoshop. Used to sharpen up images more or less, as it does the whole image not just selective areas like when using the sharpen tool for eg.

There are a few selective colouring tool in PS. You can select a colour in an image and adjust it specifically. You can select an area then select the colour inside that selection and also play with the colour. One thing to do would be to just try it out and play, best way to learn. Same goes for most tools in editing programs.

Hope that helps.

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