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Im just in the learning mode .... can some of you wise folks help me. how much is tooo much cropping?

How do you know that enough is enough? It it a personal thing?I am just shooting in auto so far... I just got Photoshop Elemented in Auto leveled it as well. I dont feel confident in shooting anything but auto and doing the auto adjustments in lighting.... Hey. Im a slow learner..

Would some of you show me how you would crop the main photo to make it the best it could be? Orwould you leave it alone... Much appreciated if you take the time ....:-)


Nikon D50 Auto mode with speed flash..err if it flashed lol. Auto lightened in Photoshop Elements 5.0
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This is my take on it:

In your large image I feel the bird gets lost. In the very cropped version it looks too artificial, I try and avoid placing the subject in the centre of the frame, it loses the wildness of the bird and the quality of your shot. When you give the subject a little more space, it feels more alive for me! Thats my two penneth worth anyway!


ps// pretty shot btw
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Ilove it! BTW I noticed i spelt bird brid ...err i really do know how to spell it. While outside I saw a wild hog walking across the pasture.. LOL wanna do me just one more crop and I swear I'll try to not ask again... what can i do to make it more interesting?He was about 700ft away.

I agree that the bird was lost in the trees with that first one. Giving the bird that space it seems to allow him a direction to fly off to... errr does that make sense.. Great job- yer awesome.

He (wildhog) was about 700ft away. darn barb wire was in the way butthehogsaw me and moved into the dense woods after this shot...

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When it comes to cropping it really is a matter of taste and what you are looking for. But there is a good way to get a nice picture using the "rule of thirds." If you already know about this, read no further. You divide up the screen into 3 equal parts vertically and three equal parts horizontally. This will give you a rectangle in the middle of your screen. Put you subjectonto one of the corners of that rectangle, pretty much the way Mark did.

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