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I don't know if I like this background or not....I chose it rather than the artificial turf.

Conditions were very cloudy, and rainy.

Camera is a D70s with a f/3.5 18-70 ED lens.

Stand-off hot shoe SB-600 flash with diffuser. No primary on camera body.

I am primarily a sports action photographer, but I am getting alot of work requesting for team portraits such as the example below.

Some things I learned on my own...I chose to go full body portrait (one knee down) but when I canvased these for printing, I had to cut the feet off on some. I guess I should just do traditional waist-up portrait shots, right?

Anyway, I truly need a good portrait lens so I'll be shopping around for a f/1.8 or 1.4 for the future.

Thanks for viewing and give it to me!

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Ok I'm new here but I'll give my 2 cents

First I find the back lines in the background a bit distracting. Even more so sense they stop in the upper part of the image. It hard to find a good background some times. Open up your lens to get a shallow DOF

The pose is great just be more careful next time to get the feet. Back up if needed. Keep your final framing in mind

Lastly don't shoot down on your subject. Get on your knee as well.

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Old May 2, 2007, 9:37 AM   #3
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Agree with all those comments: the lines, don't shoot down, akward crop of feet

Also, the image is very soft to me - especially the eyes. The eyes should be sharp in most portraits.

I'm also unclear why you had to crop feet on just SOME. When setting up for portrait if you want full body just make sure your shot is framed so you have enough room for 4x6 & 8x10 crops. You're using a zoom lens so that shouldn't be a problem with players of different sizes. When in doubt frame loosely - it's a static pose so focus accuracy shouldn't be an issue - so no need to frame very tightly.
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Is something wrong with his foot?? We I sure not. But you can't crop off body parts becuase thoughts like that will pop into my head when viewing your photos. So I'd suggest aiming down more.

I think the lines are ok, however they need to be more uniform, and not stop at the head of the subject.

Also the focus seems off on this. The face and eyes need to the at the sharpest focus.
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