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Bynx, you're truly displaying your technical and creativemerits in 'this' genreOh,don't mean to reserve you in aniche only:-)Btw, your second picture is far more demonstrative, imo.
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Hi Bynx

You really are an imaginative guy, Bynx!

I agree with what many of the other posters have said here... great photos! I actually prefer the 2nd photo, imho I believe the lighting in the 2nd photo is superior to that of the 1st one.

1st photo has some weird, but also sort of cool blueness around the lime. But lacks "punch". 2nd photo is great, colourwise and light wise in my humble opinion.

Only 2 small remarks / constructive criticism about 2nd photo:
1. maybe leave a bit more space (white) above some of the drops at the top of the frame and
2. the lime doesn't look spherical... it looks like it is cut (maybe optical / water distortion)... but that maybe can't be helped.

Great work, mate.

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Thanks guys, I agree with you the second is better than the first.
As for the lime not looking round, its because the air bubble around the lime was so thick it actually covers the shape. I never noticed it because I know the limes shape. It wasnt cut. Another thing is the post processing I did with the photo. Here is an original.

Attached Images
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Old Apr 5, 2008, 9:09 PM   #14
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Just been at your strawberry shake. You're actually very good at this sort of 'stuff' and very imaginative. Love it!

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Old Apr 9, 2008, 8:17 AM   #15
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it looks great, but maybe just get a slice of a lime and drop it in (because people see the slices more often and they look cool) and if some of the shots end up good it may look amazing!
just an idea though
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Great shots:|
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Wow!! that is fab, but I agree with an earlier poster, more white at the top of the picture would be great
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