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Yes got to agree with you and Bahadir, I did push it a little to far. thanks
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For my tastes I think the shot could do with a slight desaturation as the colours seem a little too hot.

Also, when creating the HDR shot I think you would benefit from using a few shots with a much lower exposure as you seem to be missing a lot of detail in the clouds. Ultimately a HDR shot should include a full tonal range and ie no data lost to shadow or highlights.

Fantastic location though and I can't wait to see more!
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High saturation, needs a better sky though.................musket.
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alex james wrote:
Do you think this is ott.
There is a 'right answer' to this specific question, Alex,with the emphasis on the word 'you', and I'll tell you mine in a minute. But the key point is that the answer will be different for each individual. So I think you should have confidence in your own good taste mostly, friends and family next, and only then practitioners like us!

Even among the straightforward 'photorealistic' images present in the bulk of the forums round here, there is as you know, great variation in taste. In particular I detect there are great variations in personal preference in brightness. These are compounded and confounded by the difficulty in adjusting monitors with respect to both taste and ambient viewing conditions. It's worse than ever now, because even on expensive TVs, LCD screen brightness depends to greatly variable degrees on viewing angle.

So as soon as we step into HDR and away away from the straightforward dynamic range direct of a single image from the camera with the 24 or 36-bit pixels reduced automatically to a web image on our screens, we're much deeper into artistic presentation than technical photographic representation. You could make any number of different results from your initial clutch of images, and if you put them round the walls of a gallery, I bet lots of them would sell, but you might have a few fights among art critics.

All that said, I love what you've done, exactly as it is. It would have taken a fine painter with great technique to do it, and if you can reproduce this as a style of your own, I shall love it.

I'd love to see one or two of the original, more 'photorealistic' images from the set that made this picture. Where is the church, because I'd like to see it on my travels? It could be from a publicity picture from the current resurrection of 'Cadfael' on ITV3. I'm intrigued by the strange angles visible. Is this real, or an effect of a very wide angle lens? Either way, I like it.

So is it 'ott'? As a 'photograph', "yes", to my taste; as a work of art, "no, it's great!"

If the church sells postcards, this one would be a big seller to tourists. If you let them use it, I bet they could do with the income!
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As usual, very well put Alan. I agree with every word. To paraphrase Alan more simply Alex, opinions are like rectums......everyone has one. Just listen to your own for the only opinon that counts. Again I say, I love this effect and your photo here is breathtaking. Thats my opinion. hahaha
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Once again thank you all for your comments, I have to agree with you Alan.
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