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Goldwinger wrote:
feetjai wrote:
So? did you make a list of the lenses you want and why you want them? Post them...
Thanks for the feedback CW,
No, I haven't really felt much like getting into it right now. I'm still beating myself up for spending $400 on a crappy lens. :angry: I don't think I'll be able to afford to get anything before next year and by then I'll know better what I want. In the meantime I'll have to suffer with what I have. You can believe that before I spend any more money I'll do a bunch more research!
Thanks again for all your help,
Well let me tell you what I got and why. Correct me if there are better ones. TY

I have

Sima 24-70 2.8 Used for portaitand all short zooms

Sony 50 mm 1.4 portait works well in darker moment. In case a flash is not so handy to use. Larger focal point might be handy as 50 mm is kinda short to have your subject filling your whole / big part of the photo.

Sigma 12-24 mm 4.5-5.6 122 degrees !!! angle with a pinch of barrel distortion. Never thought this lens would be so great outside. Just a great lens for big group portait or landscape photos where you want everything sharp. Much easier to have an infinite depth of field with the 12 mm focal point.

180 mm 3.5 1:1 I don't have this lens yet but it gives me the largest distance to the object i want to photograph...so i will not scary butterflies etc so fast away. Iwonder if i can use extension tubes with this one... will see if the lens arrives... This lens will fill my photo and let me see all the small details of a flower/insect/etc

Tamron 200-500 4.5-6.3 Can be used without tri-pod even with cloudy sky... but the shutterspeed won't be fast thought. Focus can be long from times to times.

These are he lenses I own (except the 180 1:1 macro..waiting)
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