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Shot using D40, Manual mode using the vintage 50mm 1.8 nikkor lens. SB400
All DIY lights, backgrounds and diffusers
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Lovely capture, but you might add a bit of contrast and color in PS.. but it's just my taste..

PS. It's obvious that a Nikon deals with exposure in excellent mode..
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Old Jun 5, 2008, 2:41 PM   #3
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There is definitely something missing, I just dont know what. Too much dead space maybe?
Or maybe upping the contrast will help?
Maybe adding a frame?
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Hope you don't mind. My take on your picture.
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Old Jun 13, 2008, 5:08 PM   #5
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I like the setup of the burger, I like the light, the only thing that I feel could be improved is the fact that the image doesnt jump out at me. In my far from expert opinion, I would have liked a plate that complimented the burger rather than the background. I think the contrast between a darker plate and the white background would have helped bring the burger itself into focus

Great shot none-the-less!
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The point of doing food photography is to make it so delicious that someone looking at it wants to eat it. Your setup is not very good. The top has slipped down. Looks like the waitress tossed the plate down and the top slipped back. Thats not good. The colors of the meat are ok but not the best compared to a good bbq cooked burger. The lettuce doesnt look like part of the burger but something sticking out after the top fell over. It does look fresh however. The white plate and the rest of the picture is bland, almost institutional like in feeling. It does help make the burger stand out a bit but not very appetizing. I suggest you start again. Create yourself a great looking burger, nice and thick and juicy. Put the toppings on and make it look huge and utterly delicious. Burgers are a down and dirty kind of food so a red or blue checkered table cloth and a neutral background color would be good. Unfortunately, with food photography there are many tricks of the trade that are used to make the photo appetizing which destroys the food. Mashed potatoes are used for ice cream for instance. Doesnt melt under the lights and looks the same as vanilla. Branding irons are used to burn on the grill marks. Almost every food has its trick and its rather an interesting sideline to explore. Good luck.
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