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This was shot with my Rebel XTi and 18-55 kit lens.

I was trying out B&W and really like how this turned out but there is a blur in the photo at the bottom - not sure if its a sun streak or some waving grass - but I really want to get rid of. I am new to Photoshop and tried to get rid of it but made things worse. Can anyone help?

Also is there any tips for eliminating this from happening in the future if it is caused by the sun?


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I'm no expert, but it looks to me like it might be a smudge on your lens, or lens flare caused by shooting directly at the sun.

If there are no marks on your lens, and you determine that it is lens flare caused by the sun, there are a few ways to prevent it in the future. I've read that using a lens hood can help, and that fixed focal length lenses are less susceptible (fewer pieces of glass in the lens for light to bounce off of).

I have no idea how you'd fix this now though, in Photoshop or otherwise. Maybe some other forum members can help.

I'd suggest doing the shoot again. Take a whack of photos as the sun rises/sets and try to pay attention to what angles create the flare. Also, I'm sure there are lots of tips and tricks online for eliminating flare.

I found these resources after one Google attempt:



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I think thats there to stay. If it is indeed lens flare, a lens hood will help, except I think if you try to get the sun in the picture as well.
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Ive removed the lens flare. Hope you like the difference.
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