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Am trying again. I resized the picture so maybe that was my problem.

Thanks for the suggestion.
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The photo itself is nicely composed, however whatever you did to process or resize the photo seems to have degraded the quality.
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Hi Terry,

I am not real sure what I might have done that would have degraded the photo. I took the photo with my Canon EOS 20D with a Tamron 300mm lens. I did crop it some in order to enlarge it so maybe I did something in that procedure that caused what you saw.

I also had to resize it to be able to post it so it maybe something in that procedure effected the quality.

If you have any suggestions that might be helpful for me in the future, I would appreciates hearing them.


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I have a question Mike - what were you trying for in this picture?

It's okay as a holiday pic. It will remind you somewhat of the beauty of the location. But the composition is a bit boring and the light exceedingly dull and atmospheric conditions are problematic.

You also have a dynamic range problem - you have exposed for the bright mountain and sky but the land is now too dark and you have lost all detail from it.

The post-processing has considerably over-sharpened the picture for this resolution.

I don't mean to come off too harsh here, but in this location at this time of day it would make no difference what you did, there is simply not a great picture there. If you had a busload of professional landscape photographers with you they would have got out with the P&S cameras and scouted the location a bit, taken some snaps and decided whether there was anything there which would warrant coming back when the light or atmospheric conditions were right. None of them would have got out the big gear or even tried to get a good photo.

Just because you look at something and go "wow that's pretty" doesn't mean there is a good photo to be had.
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Actually, I agree with many of your observations. I took the picture shortly after acquiring the 300mm lens and was just trying it out. It was actually taken in the spring and not fall as it was captioned.

I submitted the picture in error. If you will scroll down to the picture titled "Oxbow Bend and Tetons" that I sent on Oct. 6 at 9:04 PM you will see the picture I intended to send. Would be interested in your comments regarding that picture.

I do not recall doing any sharpening of the first picture although I might have as some people have suggested that digital photos need some sharpening. I will go back to the original photo and see.

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