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Hello! Ive just got my inspiration back and this is a photo that took very recently and im very satisfied with the result, are you?

Does it give you any particular feelings?

Best wishes Jim!
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Hello Jim,

If you have gotten your inspiration back, I certainly do not want to ruin it.

I am curious what the intended center of interest is in this image. I know what my eyes tell me, but I'm not sure that is your intent.

If you are satisfied with it then that is all that matters. I do not find anything interesting about the composition, however. When I look at this image I see the lower portion of a tree, the dirt and roots below, a bench with a young man sitting on it almost out of the frame. It almost looks like someone was avoiding having his picture taken. Is he waiting for a bus? Sitting in the park? What the heck is he looking at? The viewer is given no clues...not even enough to let our imaginations run wild.

Thanks for sharing.

Rodney Blair

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This looks out of place to me as far a composition. I am not sure if this was posed or not but sitting on the opposite end of the bench would help this for starters.

The next thing is that I would place the person to the right of the picture rather than the left with this landscape view.

Another alternative to this shot is to crop it in portrait mode and minimize what I see as wasted space on the right side.

I am not sure what you want to emphasize here. The person, or is it the tree?


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Old Oct 8, 2008, 4:06 PM   #4
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I like your exposure. There is much detail in all the textures. Your composition would have made more sense to me if the person had turned his body to face the camera so he is sitting in the corner of the bench looking comfortable.
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Old Oct 10, 2008, 12:18 PM   #5
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Depends what your trying to achieve.

I like the tree, very interesting.

I find having the person to the left of the frame, looking out of the frame, distracts my eye and makes it feel like two photos (one being the person on the bench, the other the tree).

Perhaps if the person were lying down on the bench taking a nap (maybe covering their face with a newspaper).

But again, it's about objective. How did you feel about this scene and what were you trying to convey?
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Hi Jim,

I'm gonna have to go against the grain on this one. Although this picture throws the rule of thirds out the window, it works for me.

What I see is a very lonley person who has had a major loss in his life, and has turned his back on the world.

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Old Oct 11, 2008, 2:44 PM   #7
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It's okay.

I don't see loss or deep mood or anything.

I think the BW conversion could have been better, the detail in the face is clipped or close to. The line leading in to the figure is useful, but then his line of vision takes you right out again.

I realise this is not a "Posed" shot but his pose makes him look more like he needs to go to the lavatory than anything.

It's not a terrible shot, and shows some promise, but I'm not sure (like Rodney) what we're supposed to be looking at. A year from now you'll look back at this shot and wonder what you saw in it.
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I agree with Mugmar. This photo suggests that all is not right with this persons world. Perhaps even turning his back on life? The tree represents life and he has rejected it.
The symbolism is very strong here and I like it.
As to the print its self. It needs something. Perhaps much more grainy quality and burning down of the corners.
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