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My friends always remain'friends' musket! Thanks God I cannotbecome that shallow for anything : ) Now, if I had used bigger text it was because to help thisguy read, since judging from the previous discussion in Portrait look healso lacks this skill, that's all ; )Now, in my over 5000 posts I had only a few discussions but maintained themateship and even friendshiplater with those whom I respected in some way (as I had maintained the font size:-)) Actually,I never ever remember such a thing: acorrespondentusing vulgar and unqualified vocabulary so quickly! Possibly due to illiteracy...Perception is the strongest tool of the artist and the media varies! Genuine creativity is not there unless one comprehends the universal valuesenriched byeach stationthetrain of civilization stopped by. I'd suggestreading about art and works in general to have adeeper perceptionin the first place. Sadly,I'd expecta bit more fromMr. R in that respect,at least more than the'trained' salesman working in the Photolab at the corner in our street, whowould parrotlatest technique he had been taught to a few occasional demanding customer. There's a phrase:'a trained dog cannot train others' it's that simple! And weall sawhisawfulfate in front ofthe artistically as well as the technically equipped mates.

But I see heis there again to succeed one thingwhich he haddone before you were even a member, musket, when he had causedsome really helpful, competantyet modest matesto leave here the formerly Critics and Comments forum. Those were the times when I decided to become an active member here rather than merely reading the camera reviews at Steve's, in order to improve my photography! I remember not a single post was left unresponded here...Lol! there'sa rule inmarketing (a recent one perhaps)that the bad product kicks out the the good product!

Lawquepicker's post above reveals some factual informationfor those who'd read.



PS. there should be a confusion with my oftensuggesting rules are there to be broken regarding my recent words about this issue on the third page of the Portrait Look: ''...about the rules; that's what I often speak of in many cases. After all, when it comes toviolating some rules, you must know what you're violating, if that's necessary! .....Coming back to the rules, which are bolts and nots to attain the composition, without which every effort would look aimless, boring and haphazard; again, we should not forget that everthing can be altered for a single reason...''

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Get over yourself Rodney, arrogance is unbecoming.
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