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I enjoy taking pictures of vintage cars, trucks and motorcycles. I love wide angle shots...... low down. I usually use my Pentax K10D, with battery grip and 16-45 Pentax lens. It's not a lightweight combo, but the picture quality is real nice with this unit, so I want to continue using it, for these types of pictures.

I've had trouble this year, physically. I'm 59 and the old knees , back, leg muscles, etc., just don't seem to work as well as they once did and as a result of my low angle photo attempts this summer, I ended up with a lot of pain...real pain, long lasting pain.:shock:

I want to continue the low, low shots and I've been thinking about how I can do the low angle, but without the pain.

I've thought of bringing along a little folding stool, but usually I'm taking pix at outdoor car shows and I have to admit, I don't want to draw undue attention to myself, looking a bit ridiculous...carrying and pulling out a little stool.

I'm also thinking of having the camera set up on a low tripod...but I'm not sure how much this will help as I still have to bend low and look through the viewfinder.

I'm stumped...any ideas from other photographers who have experienced the same pain problems, but have somehow surmounted them.

Thanks, les

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If you want to chance it, get a monopod and good head, mount the camera with a really wide angle auto focus lens, hold the monopod upside down, so the camera is at the bottom then use a wireless (or wired) remote to trigger the shutter. Of course, you don't know what you'll get until you review the picture but I've heard others use this method with some success, after a bit of trial and error. Haven't tried it myself though - one of these days I might buy a remote and try it though.
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When I am taking pictures, I seldom even consider what I look like when shooting. Generally, if anyone makes a comment about my sometimes contortions for those kinds of shots, it is positive.

One thing I would recommend, if you do a lot of those shots, is a right-angle viewfinder attachment. Saves the neck, if not the rest of the old bod. Another option, if you are up to the price, is Zigview. If you aren't familiar with it, it is a VF attachment which has a LCD which can be tilted. Gives a larger view, and also does duty as an intervalometer.

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OK I'm going to get weird here but that's what I'm good at.

Get yourself a good solid wooden cane. Drill a hole in it just above the rubber "shoe" on the end. ( or higher depending on the height you think best for the angle you want ) Put a ΒΌ inch thread bolt through that hole and attach a ball head to it. Then attach your camera to that with a remote release. Now you can set the cane on the ground and shoot.

Want to see what your shooting?? As Vtphotog suggested a Zigview will do the trick. The new zigviews have a 6 foot cord so you can attach the LCD to the top of the cane.

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Thank you to all who provided advice.
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