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I really liked this picture, the mountains and the cityline in the distance. But it just doesn't seem like I "got it".

The weather seems like it will be cooperating this weeked, so I am hoping to have an opportunity at retaking.

I would love some suggestions. Thanks so much

I was using my K10D.

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It has the makings of a good photo. I would suggest balancing the exposure better so in this case using flash would have helped out.

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"Also, straightening the horizon will make a big difference.

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"Those two things will help quitea bit.
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Thank you Mark. I was so worried about exposure etc, that I completely overlooked the slanted horizon!
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If you have enough time and like to experiment, take the photo with different angles (high, low shots, 90° birds view, frog view) and different apertures, including postcard shots (everything sharp) and extreme wide open shots. Also try HDR (bracketing shots). Setting highlights with normal pocket lamps is also possible. Flash (fill flash) images... hm, what else? Maybe make a series out of it? Macro, silhouette, "portrait", landscape - and so on?

Try to naturally frame the grass (old fence near?) Go for a "vertical grass panorama" (dig out Torgny's threads to see what I mean). "Zoom in" on the grass while shooting.

All this material can't really help you to decide how you will show the grass to the audience, sorry... but you'll get something to choose from, to crop and to play with.

Hope that helps for this weekend

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I sense the framing is a little odd.

The shore line creates a strong horizontal break.

Perhaps trying the shot landscape rather than portrait.

I agree with Mark that some flash would have made the foreground a little brighter.

The color of the ocean is quite amazing, as well as the "bokeh-ized" city skyline.

There's the makings of a great shot - just a matter of finding it.
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