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mtngal wrote:
New Years resolutions always end up being things I think about but rarely carry through. So I no longer make them, but I do try to come up with a list of things I want to work on.
I agree, I personally seeNY Resolutions for getting rid of a vice or something similar but it was the easiest way to say it.

I should add I'm another who should drop a few lb so will have to focus on that as well, I'm meant to be learning Arabic too but never get overly far so should put more effort in there. The same as Tom, I want to read the scriptures more. My gf is planning to do the bible in a year and I will try to do the same but I just hate reading no matter what it is so that doesn't help.
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Mark1616 wrote:
I will try to do the same but I just hate reading no matter what it is so that doesn't help.
I'm now having a hard time sitting down long enough to read anything any more, just don't have/take the time. In the process of switching to Mac computers, I discovered the cure for that - it's called an iPod and audiobooks and our long daily commute is no longer so boring.
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I am slowing down in the purchasing of any photo gear this year as I have much to work with and decide what to keep, sell or even give away.

I find that my reading has increased immensely with the purchase of the Apple iTouch. I simply download the apps available, much which is free and have downloaded a huge library of books and doing my Bible Study through a Podcast program.

There is so much out there for the iPod user and I for one like the convenience, of getting e-mail, listening to music whether I downloaded it or transferred it or even listen to internet radio. The added features of watching the News and so on is beyond what I had expected before I got it.

I know that my posting here will be less also in part of my New Years Resolution. It is nice to get this website on my iPod Touch as well and there is no problem in increasing the screen size to read the text or view pictures, even as a pixel peeper if I were one.

Take Care,

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