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Can someone please help me. Why is this picture so bad? Why aren't their faces sharp. I used f16, auto focus and a tripod. Please help me before I throw my camera in the garbage.

Thank you! ~ Debbie

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i think its fine...i just cropped and sharpend it a bit. you could also lower your f stop to to achieve a faster shutter speed. that will help in your sharpness also
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Does the original, full-size image look sharp?

I find that the effect of resizing for these forums or other web use is usually a loss of sharpness, but the effect is extremely variable, depending on content. Occasionally an apparently sharp original needs no sharpening at all after resizing, and sometimes it needs quite a bit. After all, sharpness is largely an optical illusion, dependent on how we perceive edges, and that will depend on the local contrast in each bit of the image.

Also digicams often have some sharpening built in to their software, and this is sometimes adjustable. Its effectiveness will depend on the image content.

The best thing to do is use 'unsharp mask' in photoediting software, and experiment with the adjustable parameters until it looks right. It is important to assess the image at the size at which you expect it to be viewed. (This applies to images for printing as well.)
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