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Default first C&C :

i have played with the color levels and curves other color balancing stuff. Also added a border. please fire away. any and all comments are welcome.
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please do comment or critique on this piece
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While the colors are nice and rich the highlights are blown out and the shadows are filled in. For my opinion, if the main subject is the little person you should have bent down to their level.
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I agree with Bynx that generally shooting low with children works better.

The shot is too cluttered, it would have been better to isolate the child as this is your main subject. It is often cool to have the shadow included especially when they are nice and strong. Obviously I can't change the angle that you shot from but here is an idea of what to consider for another try.
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personally I think its a snap shot more of a holiday image than a photograph. You really need to get down to the kids level.


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My eyes are drawn away from all the people because they don't seem in focus, it feels like the point most in focus is somewhere in the water...
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i was just trying to capture the moment between the child and the girl. the handshake was the main focus. but next time i will be sure to focus on one particular subject. as far as the color, highlight and shadow composition goes, what techniques and trials should i do. please do comment on it. anything will be greatly accepted.

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You don't have to focus on a single person. If the handshake were what you wanted to concentrate on then your subject (the baby primarily) needs to fill up more of the frame with the handshake being in a good visual location. As mentioned though - you want to be much lower. The EXPRESSION on the baby's face is what is going to make the shot good - even if the subject is the shake itself.

If the girl has that much of her back/hair to you I wouldn't have so much of her in the frame. If she is important than you need to be on the other side so you can see her face.
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I like the image very much, but I am drawn to pictures that are too "busy" for most people. I like shots that my eye can wander around and keep me interested for more than 1/4s. Most people prefer shots with immediate impact. This shot doesn't have that immediate impact, but I love the fact that there is so much to look at.

I like the framing of the girl and the little kid. I think I would have preferred it slightly wider to take in the man too.

I love the stark outline of the shadows in the water. Very cool.

However there are some distractions:
1. Lose the border. Frame it when you put it on the wall, otherwise it's just a horrible distraction in an already busy picture. Although I briefly flirted with digital borders I came to the conclusion that 99% of the time they are just a gimmick and mostly in poor taste. This one is certainly a mistake.
2. What effect were you trying for in your colour processing? It doesn't look like film, it just looks weird and oversaturated. Not good. In fact this image to me has nothing to do with colour. I think it would look much better in mono.
3. I like surroundings, context, scenery. But to help those who want simple images you could crop out some of the extraneous material. But not like Mark, who cropped out most of the good stuff.

A quick edit to possibly illustrate the point.

Two general comments:
1. Not every picture of a child can be improved by getting down to their level.
2. Half of the world's great photos are snapshots. If someone calls your photo "just a snapshot" think to yourself - "Henri Cartier Bresson" mostly took snapshots. Gary Winogrand only took snapshots. Robert Frank was all about snapshots. To many theorists snapshots are the essense of photography, otherwise why not pick up a paintbrush?
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I like this shot very much, but it leaves me thinking I want to see more. At first, I felt inclined to agree with those wanted a tighter view of the hand-holding, but then I realised that tighter (from that viewpoint) would lose the rather fine radial symmetry provided by the figures, the arms, and, importantly, the shadows on the left.

So I'd have liked, as well as, rather than instead of this shot, another one from further away, to show the wider context, and preferably including the shadows as well.

I don't see the point of such a border; it merely obscures some of the image.

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