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Default Dominating Docklands

A remnant of the old London Docklands
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A nice perspective on an impressive structure.
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A wonderfully framed, imposing shot!

I just looked up Stothert & Pitt (the name at the top) (1785-1989, r.i.p.), http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stothert_%26_Pitt ,
who were in at the start of the Industrial Revolution in Ironbridge Gorge, not far from here, and who must have built many of the dockside cranes I remember from my boyhood in South Wales in the 60s.

Is this really the base of an old crane, or is it a gigantic piece of art fashioned from old bits of crane? Have you any other shots from different angles?

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Thank for the comment.

I was in Ironbridge two weeks ago, dodging the rain!

These cranes, there are two at this location, are real running on their original tracks. I have not really taken anything to show them in context but this image gives some idea. The boat in this image is the SS Robin:-


BTW "Dominating Docklands" is irony because the cranes are actually over- shadowed by tall office blocks; only a few hundred yards from Canary Wharf the tallest in the UK.
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Hi athegn

I'm glad you shared this photo. Firstly, because it's an interesting artwork of a fascinating old piece of machinery (with clear colours, good contrast, well exposed, etc).

But moreso of interest for me, because I lived in London for 6 years, and most of that time just a few minutes from the very area you've taken photos of. (I lived on the Isle of Dogs, just south of Canary Wharf). I used to bank at the Barclays bank which is behind the SS Robin, - I can still see the building in the background, but I believe Barclays has moved to a new premises, east of actual 1 Canada Square.

So I walked near those cranes many a time (and even under a few times!) as well as along the waterfront area shown in your second photo, between the dock and the old storage / warehouse buildings. I'm now "back" on the other side of the world, in Australia - so you can imagine such a photo is quite reminiscent for me.

Though I have to admit Canary Wharf changes, so much - there are many new buildings there now even since I left about 7 years ago.

Furthermore, when I first went to Europe, (some years before I moved to London) I worked on ships, and some of the ports we called into, actually still used cranes that at least looked very similar to the one in your photo. (OK, they were newer I expect, but some older / smaller ports still operate them!) So there you go, it's been good to see your photo for various reasons.

Cheers.. thanks for sharing...

Alan you may be interested to note that so often I saw the name "Stothert & Pitt" - and it reminded me of an engineering firm in Tasmania where my twin brother did work experience at about 20 years ago, which was called "Pitt and Sherry" - so I have since formed the opinion that the name "Pitt" is almost synonymous with "engineering"!

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