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Default Sticky fingers

Turned round and saw this lighting and knew it would last seconds so grabbed camera, unfortunately I was eating a sticky bun at the time and put one of my sticky fingers on the lens filter, hence the blob at the lower right.

However I think that with judicious cropping and the clone stamp I can save this image.
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Even without the blob, the image isn't too striking. If the goal was to capture the dark clouds with the building, I would have tried to recompose in such a way as to minimize the crowd. This probably means choosing another vantage point

I do believe that if you crop out most of the right side and bottom of the photo, you'd have a usable photo. By using this crop, the egg-shaped building becomes the the main focal point.

- Jason
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I dont think you should do anything to the photo. Just mount it as it is and hang it up on the wall, somewhere you can see it often. As a reminder to keep your hands clean when you are touching your lenses. Id say this photo is a write off. It can be fixed but I dont think the effort is worth it.
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I would have taken images from different positions but having seen the blob and removed it, the light had gone; the illuminated buildings were in the shadow of the storm and we were going for cover.

But I did frame this shot so that I could include both towers with the intention of cropping the lower half, just about at the bottom of the trees, but the blob means I must crop more.

It is interesting that you said "egg-shaped" This is now a famous London Land mark colloquially known as "The Gerkin"; a small pickled cucumber.

I call it the "Tower of Egg" because when I was on the high walk way on Tower Bridge, Tower Bridge and The Tower of London are just to the right of this image, a mother pointed out to her young daughter that the building in the fore ground was the Tower of London and the child immediately said "that must be the Tower of Egg" Of course the child is right it is more egg shaped than gerkin shaped.

Brnx: I think you suggestion is very valid; however who can resist a sticky bun when offered?
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