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Default Newbie - "Sunset Blues"

First time poster to the forum though I've been lurking for a few weeks. I played around with photography several years ago on a Nikon CP5000, learning to shoot in manual. Loved it but moved on to other hobbies. Recently, I picked up a Canon T1i and a 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS EF-S lens and once again, I am hooked although still VERY much an amateur!!

Here's a picture I took last weekend at the Hot August Blues Fest in Baltimore. It's my favorite shot of the 250 or so I took that day. No post processing or cropping, this is how I shot it. The sun was setting and it was in the mid-nineties. You can see a couple drops of sweat running down the face of the guitar. I'm pretty happy with the exposure and composition, including just the bottom part of the guitarists face.

f/5.6 @ 1/1000
ISO 200

Please give me your thoughts, criticism or suggestions!
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I really like it - don't change a thing...

the Hun
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It's a very interesting photo. The first millisecond of viewing is VERY powerful - it has a very clear purpose, and I think you've captured that well (thanks for the background story by the way, and welcome!!!)

Sometimes a combination of "things" works well... the balance is there. After 5 to 10 seconds looking at this photo, I was still very appreciative, (which is a good thing). Then a bit later, I thought... "hmmm... wouldn't it have been better if you had not cut off:
a) part of his left hand
b) his right elbow
c) bottom of the guitar and
d) his face?

But then I realised, maybe if we had all these elements "fully in"(esp his face) - it would have distracted us from the real "focus" of this photo... the guitar (and his "hand language" (for want of a better phrase... what I mean the expression his hands convey playing those notes / chords).

So I think in the end, yes it really works. Out of curiousity do you have another "similar" photo of him showing slightly wider perspective... just be interesting to compare.

I love the simple yet bold colours (thanks to the setting sun) - and sharpness seems to be good where it's needed (his "strumming" hand... his right hand).

Cheers. And again, welcome as a "poster".

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Thanks Hun and thanks Paul.

Paul, I really appreciate your opinion and you're spot on with my intent. I think that showing his entire face would have been a distraction. My wife put it as though the focus isn't that someone (in this case, Blues musician Joe Bonamassa) is playing a guitar, it's that this guitar is being played...in your face, and it's hot as hell. It is powerful.

Here's a couple more from this set. One is in a similar style and another of my faves, the next is the full view you requested (and I think much less interesting), and the third is a well timed shot of expression seemingly directed right at me! It was a great day of shooting...
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The top two pics (with only the guitar) are my favorite. I get distracted with the background and the guys face on the bottom two. But then again I have a Les Paul myself so I all really love seeing is a gorgeous Les Paul!

Great shots!
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