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First the feeder. I got a 2 foot square piece of plywood and put a small lip around the edge to hold the seed in. On the side facing the camera I tacked on a piece of treelimb with the bark on just to cover the side wall. The whole thing was on a pedestal of 2x4. Sitting beside the glass wall the feeder is less than a couple feet away. As for camera settings I only use manual on my camera. You want a depth of field to start with the front of the feeder to the backside (2 feet). You want the fastest shutter speed you can get for the lighting conditions to get clear sharp images. Try to keep your ISO as low as possible to keep the noise down....ISO 100 - 400. If your camera has continual focus you might want to try that so it will keep track of the moving bird(s). With all this done its amazing how easy it all is then. You have your focus, exposure, and you know where the action will happen. The fun part is next - the unexpected. Good luck.
I found this pic I posted here earlier. When I first set it up I covered the glass wall with paper so the birds got comfortable feeding. Later the paper came off and they just ignored me. In the meantime I shot through holes in the paper. The piece of tree I bolted on later. It was pretty handy to get the small birds like chickadees, nuthatch etc either perched on the limb or on the side of the bark.
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Since you are going to reset the bird feeder. Think about controlling the light in the scene, meaning on the bird feeder when you are photographing, as well at various times of the day. In its present position, the bird feeder is hamstrung by the wires and the high contrast lighting.

Have a great weekend.

Sarah Joyce
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Sarah makes a good point. In the pic of my setup you are facing north so the sun is on the southside of the building and so the feeder is for the most part in indirect sunlight. Early morning and evening the sun gets around to shine down but its not a problem.
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dave, another thing you might do, if your setting allows, is locate the feeder near some trees or bushes that will give the birds a place to land on their way to the feeder. This often gives the opportunity for more natural looking photos.

Of the three photos you posted, the third is the strongest. Each of the others indicates some focus problem.

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Bynx thanks so much for your suggestions. I am putting my husband up to re-working the bird feeder this afternoon. That window is really the best area I have in the whole house to take pics of the birds from. If I go outside, my dogs attack me and the birds fly away! Thank you Sarah I am enjoying your book. I am highlighting alot of stuff I need to remember! Paul I didn't realize how out of focus the first two were until I posted them on here. I also tried to take a picture of my neighbors dog 2 yards over, and everything was clear except the dog!! The picture Bynx posted of his bird is awesome, we only have snow down here maybe once every 3 years and then just a small amount! I will work on taking more photos, I see I should have only posted one(didn't read directions), I'll know next time.

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try taping a few worms grubs or maggots to the back of the branch or table ??? too this way it will keep the birds there slightly longer on;ly partly tape them
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