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Default New DSLR, first few shots.

So my Canon 450D is my new, one week old baby! I've started experimenting, and seeing what works and this is what I got one cloudy day.

Basically, my new DSLR is a HUGE step up from my manual camera, heh! And also a big upgrade from a point and shoot, so I'm still trying out new things.

Please, let me know how this picture can be improved- it'd be greatly appreciated!

(I'm sorry it's so big!)

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Nice shot, but the way you crop it gives the impression that what is actually "Chest," is part of the neck. Wait till I tell your dog, how you made him look bad to the world.

Either include part of his back, or tighten the crop...

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nice shot..nice dog...but I'm too new to give advice
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I like the shot. You have good detail in the eye. A beutiful dog indeed.
I did a tighter crop, hope you don't mind.
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I like the pose. As others have suggested the framing could be improved - either more chest/back (and less area above the head) or simply a tighter crop.

The image also has a soft appearance. Given the wide focal length used I would ask - did you crop this image heavily? Focus would appear to be a bit front-focused - I see more hair detail in the shoulder than I do around the eye. Whether a person or an animal, it is the eyes that are the most important part. It's also easier to see focus issues because of all the hair. It's also possible that at a shutter speed of 1/100 there was some minor movement by the dog which resulted in the slight softness. It's also possible the resizing for web posting is the cause (compare the image shown on this site to the image on your PC of the original image and see if they are the same sharpness). In any event an application of UnSharpMask (USM) could be applied if you have not already done so. That will sharpen things up a bit.

Most of the fur is a bit bright / washed out looking. With the exception of the ear, the rest of the dog is flat looking without contrast. A couple ways to approach this:
First would be to lower the exposure initially and use a little fill flash (note I said a little - you want to get rid of deep shadows without washing out color).

With the existing image, applying a 'burn' tool to darken the fur a bit would add some punch and contrast.

You've got a very nice photo here - and you're off to a very fine start. But you did ask how the image could be improved so I only offer some suggestions on how this good photo could be even better.
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Old Oct 8, 2009, 9:58 AM   #6
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JohnG, how do you use a "little" fill flash?

You certainly have a better eye than I do, because it all looks sharp to me, and not washed out! Could explain why my photos aren't so great
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My 2 cents: the background is not enough out of focus and the red flowers are highly distractive.
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This is for Mugmar and Ordo.. Just my .02...

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