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Originally Posted by paxfish View Post
Thanks - so the challenge here is that the subject is really the play - the photo is one of a series of 6 in the link, and the series tries to capture what happened during the play. The players are moving toward the camera, both are equally important, and they are several feet apart.

Next time I will try to focus on one player.
One of the challenges of sports photograph is to capture the action at it's peak. When attacker/defender are far apart, there's very little compelling about such a shot IMO. NOt only are the participants not interacting the frame in such a shot has a lot of very un interesting dead space between them. So, taking a sequence of shots is good, but you want the sequence at the peak interaction of the players. Not only is your subject more interesting then, it also allows you to frame tightly and eliminate some distracting elements like cars or porta-potties or parents in the background. When the players are interacting, you'll have plenty of dof at f4 and 300mm to have both in focus.
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