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Default first butterfly

Hi Everyone,

I took these in the yard.... windy day, the butterfly kept flying from leaf to leaf, but I think I got some pretty cool shots.... for a beginner...thanks for looking.

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Not too bad some slight bluring. They just won't keep still will they. When I looked on the web they said that late afternoon was a good time to try and shoot butterflies. But then other sites said early morning.... I'm headed to a some gardens tomorrow morning and hope to catch a couple if I'm lucky.
Oh gosh chasing butterflies around with a camera should become a sport.
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The problem with the first is that there's so much foreground and background that the butterfly is easily lost. Also, the butterfly is dead center, which doesn't make for a very dynamic shot.

The second shot is definitely the better of the two. The butterfly is more apparent because it's taking up a larger portion of the frame, when compared to the first image. While both images throw the background out of focus, the second really works because of the lack of distracting foreground forces you to look at the sharpest thing, the butterfly. Removing the foliage in the background helped create contrast between foreground and background, which also helps bring out the butterfly. Although the subject is again almost dead center, the leaves on the right help to add some drama to the image, making for a better composition. Some things I'd do to the second image would be to crop even tighter, removing some of the background on the left and that sharp leaf on the right.

Nice job you did here! Keep it up!

- Jason
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I am a beginner too, but you really need to need to keep your shots out of center. I even have problems with this. You will see though, that if you keep your main subject out of the center, the photo will automatically look more professional. Also try to add less background. Still i do like your photos, good color,not too blurry,and they are clean (not grainy or dust specks showing) Good job! a butterfly is one hard subject to catch!
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