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Originally Posted by simple View Post
bahadir thats an amazing shot of the dragon fly hdr ? would it stay still long enough maybe i guess? or a psuedo ? personally i think dragon flys are the best the way they are thanks for sharing
i have done a ldr enhancement on your shot to see if hdr would work cos you got me thinking???
i like the original bahadir i just did this to see if it would work certian things dont require editing my friend and your shot is one of them the dragon flys i have seen (but never photograph ) are always bright and beutiful making them duller doesnt work for me
Thank you for the great feedback my friend! That's a real hdr from three consecutive hendheld shots. Your version looks razorsharp indeed! Hey, the originals are at your disposal should you wish to play around a dragonfly image someday : )

Originally Posted by simple View Post
i agree hope all is well
Actually, I have been distracted by my doctorate programme, and the basic photography course I had the local manucipality open!! Below is the link to the page of the course at facebook, which I arranged. Needless to say I'd feel honoured if you add yourself as a 'fan' : )

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Originally Posted by Walter_S View Post
Perfect dragonfly-shot, Bahadir!!

How do you train insects to keep still for 4 seconds it takes to shoot all 3 exposures for a HDR?

Well done , my friend!

So thats what you have been up to - traing insects. Ee havn't seen as much of you lately as we would have liked!

You're so kind indeed my friend, quite matching your subtle compositions : ) Actually, I haven't been around as often as I would like to be, which is likely to be the case at least for sometime longer. Above is a bit further explanation, which addresses you as well ; )
hahaha, as for keeping a dragonfly stationary, perhaps it's due to experience and admiration from childhood

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Originally Posted by Hawgwild View Post
Wonderful shot, Bahadir! I tend to agree with Dave on the red being a little over-saturated, but all the images, including yours, are very good. I noticed you shot this at 70mm, which lens did you use to get this sharp image?


Thank for your kind appreciation Robert. These guys look quite vibrant at noon under the Aegean sun I assure you, which made me go hdr : ) As for the lens that's the tele end of my good old Sigma 17-70 which serves as kit lens attached to my K10D.

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Originally Posted by Calicajun View Post
Dragonflies are usually only seen on hot summer days, which is the feeling given by the exposure you use in your shot. Great detail in the wings, must be a new lens.

So happy to read your insightful remarks my friend. You're quite right about the setting. You must have also noticed the reflection of the light from the wings on the body of the creature, btw.
Ah, the same and only lens again, I've had for two years; the Sigma 17-70 which I preferred over the Pentax kit lens at the time of my purchase.

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i have become a fan now would be a great time to learn turkish
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These creatures are attracted to certain people that's all I can get them to stop and let me pick them up I know of a lake that I have found that has tons of them flying around.. hope my business picks up so I can get my canoe to go next year to the middle where they will just swarm me and the canoe. you can see one that I held here [IMG]file:///C:/DOCUME%7E1/luke/LOCALS%7E1/Temp/moz-screenshot-2.png[/IMG]http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/inde...ageID=28040301 [IMG]file:///C:/DOCUME%7E1/luke/LOCALS%7E1/Temp/moz-screenshot-1.png[/IMG]
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I'm sorry I missed this one for so long. I need to come here more often; time is starting to be in short supply for me; work is more demanding now.

But the detail is just great.

BTW, the same developmental genes that produce limbs, digestive tract, nervous system, etc. in a dragonfly, also do that for humans. Only everything in inverted. Map the gene action on the respective embyros, and it's the same, but upside down.

Insects have the nerve cord below the digestive tract, and vertebrates have it above.

Life on Earth is, in the deepest sense, all one kind.
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