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Default Panoramic view of the river - Early in the morning

Hi folks!

Help me with this one, please.

I went photp-shooting early last wednesday. In fact I was 'in situ' an hour before sunrise and shot this panorama, consisting of 3 exposures, side by side. It was actually much wider, but I had to crop the pic to get the composition I wanted.

When stitching was done I was faced with the task to pp the pic a bit. But after cropping and leveling the thing, I didn't really know which way to go or how far I could go?

Now this is about as I can remember the light and colors were then. The slightly pink tint was there.

I could of course lightened the picture a bit, so as to get some details into the far river-bank on the lefthand side. But is that the way to go? If I go down that road it would loose its feeling of darkness and night-time photo - and it was really dark.

Any suggestions?


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Hi Walter.
I know nothing but, to me it looks like a cracking job of stitching 3 pics together.
I really like the Righthand side as it looks more vivid shiny and alive, for me the left hand side looks more dull and less interesting. I don't know enough to be of any help though so hope you get some good input. regards mark
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Im really torn on this. The water is goreous but there is too much of it. The illuminated house and what looks like a waterwheel is so strong a draw to the right its hard to look away. When I do look left there isnt anything there to keep my attention so its back to the house. While your panorama is really good I did a crop to show what I think is the main area of interest. If the large building on the left had some illumination it would balance the view and help draw attention off the house. Here is maybe where Spy's light painting would come in handy on that red roofed building.
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Thank you condiment - very kind words from you!

Bynx - its difficult with night-panoramas, when there is not enough artificial light about. Your crop is just like one of the stiches I'v used. So I could have left this one as it were....

Her's another panorama - though not PP'ed because there were moving (swimming) ducks in the foreground, spoiling the picture.
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i would go same width of the photo and half the height - long and skinny. cut out most of the water on the bottom, up to the bottom of the reflection of that post. nice shot!
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