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Default A tangled mess....

Looking through the bramble to a trout pond in the neighborhood.
These winter bare trees have a lot interesting artifacts, but its hard to capture them

Any ideas?

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Originally Posted by eddie haskell View Post
...Any ideas?
Not really. It's a mess (your words, not mine...!) whatever you do.
IMO you have two options:

- get a "bramble-cutter" of some sort (don't know what you call'em...?) and cut down the small, thin, spidery-ones on the lower right side, clear everthing except the bigger branches coming from above and shoot again,....or

- Increase your shutter speed to the highes you can, open up your aperture to the biggest opening and focus on the bramble. With a very short DOF, you would be able to get a halve-decent picture. But, if it would work as a merit-shot? Nobody knows....

Good luck anyway, nice try, the colors of the background and the pond are very good!
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I'm going to be interested to see what others think about how to improve this picture. I see two different pictures here - one the lake and the lovely reflection and the bare branches in the foreground being a separate picture. In my opinion the two pictures are not compatible (but I'm no expert). If you want the foreground branches to be the center of attention, then I agree with Walter - shoot with as large an aperture as possible so the beautiful reflections are out of focus. Or else take the picture of the pond and the reflections without the branches.
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The branches are distracting to me. I would like to see some yellow grass on the front and the reflections and part of the trees then.
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i think maybe shooting from a lower perspective would have allowed you to get under the brances, and get some nice golden grass foreground, plus the reflections of the trees on the water. even if you didnt get below all the branches, what would be remaining in the upper part could have helped to "frame" the scene.
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I agree with Hards80 on this one. The branches just seem to "mess" up the picture and I keep on wanting to brush them aside or as Walter_S writes, cut them. It might also help if you move to the left and down, having the branches on the upper right hand corner. Using the reflections of the trees on the water and shooting upwards would maybe make the picture work.

The colours are very nice.
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I think it's a great picture. The colors and temperature are very soothing. I think you've managed to turn some "tangled mess" into a very pleasing sight. I think it maybe one of those works of art where some will say, "Eh?", and some, "Ah..."

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