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Default Does this show what I want?

I've been trying to figure out how to take a picture of this particular scene for a while and wonder if this one shows what I want it to tell. To see if I've finally managed to say what I want, I'm not going to tell you what I'm aiming at first - I want your reaction first without explanation. If the first few reactions are "huh?" I'll tell you what it is that I'm trying to capture and you all can tell me how to do it - this is at least the third time I've tried photographing the scene and I'm really losing perspective on it. I'm not yet convinced that what I'm trying to do is impossible (it might be, given the circumstances), just that I haven't figured out how to do it right yet.

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I skipped right to reply before read anyone elses...

I like it....my first impression..'innocence in prison'...

the concrete around the rose, show that the rose is out of place..but yet is doing well, it hasn't surcumed to the 'forces' around it.

It is also obvious that it's the 'new' light...since the lamppost beside it is gone...

And I might add...thank you....you are helping 'study photos' If you hadn't ask 'Does it show...'..I would have just seen a pix of a pretty rose in a strange place...IOW..it make me think of my reaction...

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I come up with beauty in adversity. A rose growing in harsh conditions and then to make things worse it is imprisoned behind the fence.

For me the post coming down the bottom left of the frame isn't helping the shot but I like the concept. I think I would like to see a shot from a really low angle, this perspective is too similar to the view I have normally so getting down could really help.... however it might not convey all of the surroundings and thus miss some story.
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caught in a concrete jungle. And nature will find a way no matter what.
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i think i am getting the mood you are going for here. a little piece of nature among the urban decay.

for me, i don't like the perspective. in general, i don't like to shoot down at animals or plants. i think a lower, or at least on the same level type of shot would work better. i also don't like that the chain link fence is fully in focus. maybe get a little closer and use a little less dof, maybe enough that the fence is recognizeable, but slightly blurred out, keeping the focus on the flower.

just a few ideas that came to mind.
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I'm really not sure what you are trying to convey, but I'll take a shot at it.

The yellow rose is purely a symbol for friendship. Don't fence me in, friendships need to grow and explore. Not closed and fenced in.
Yikes, getting all philosophical......but that's my feeling.

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You're trying to show the power and the fragility of life while conveying a contrast between human ugly prisons and the beauty of free nature.
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i think it would have more impact with just one rose and more trash
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Love all the opinions, at least the picture more or less shows what I wanted, so it's reasonably effective, even though it's not one of my usual pretty pictures.

The rose bush is in a vacant lot that used to have a gas station on it. At one time the roses were well taken care of but now they are on their own. So I was after "beauty/nature locked up but surviving in an urban wasteland" (notice the abandoned hubcap in the background).

I originally had tried a lower shot using a macro lens with just the fence somewhat OOF and one rose in focus, but it missed the vacant lot/urban wasteland connotation, which is really the main point I wanted to make. And everyone who saw it just remarked how sad it was that I had the OOF fence in front of the pretty rose and how I should have gotten closer and shot through the fence (obviously that picture failed what I had tried to do). So this time I used a fisheye to get the fence in focus and as much of the lot as I could, while trying to not show the buildings on either side of it (and as little of the parking lot and alley as possible). I thought this one was more effective, and from everyone's response, it is. But just because its effective doesn't make it a good picture, and at this point I'm not sure its possible to get it to be both effective AND a good picture.

The fence post bothers me also. I actually took several shots and this is actually made up of two different pictures - one OOF and overexposed and one sharp and correctly exposed. I also shot one that was sharp and slightly overexposed, but I preferred the darker version partly because the post wasn't quite as obvious. It was interesting to process as this is the first time I've tried the basic "orton effect" with two different pictures and I like it better than what I was getting using one picture and software to make a second OOF layer.

kazuya - I actually have a couple of other shots that had more trash in it - there was some paper along the fence line. But the roses got lost in the urban jungle, this vacant lot is right in the middle of a busy commercial area.
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