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Default What do you think?

Hello all,

This is my first photo posted for critique. Personally I love it. It is a shot of my wife taken with my new Nikkor 85mm f/1.8. It looks the goods on my screen but I would like to throw it out to you for your thoughts. I have applied colour monochrome processing which like I said before looks great on my monitor, but I would be interested at what it looked like on yours.

Photo taken in Canberra Australia looking across Lake Burley Griffin towards the Australian War Memorial.

Thank you in advance for your time.


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Hi Ryno,

Thanks for dropping by and sharing.

I am glad that you enjoy your shot of your wife, in the end that is what matters.

and i do like the selective focus and the nice warm light on the face. however, there are some things that you can do next time to improve. the most obvious is the eyes, she is squinting so it not only obscures the eyes, but also leads to the wrinkles in forehead from the squint. having her open her eyes fully would have helped both of those. also, i think this would look better with a vertical orientation of the photo. right now there is too much deadspace on both sides. going vertical and then filling the frame would also help out by allowing a little more of the upper body. also, i don't really like that strong of sepia tone, it takes away all the contrast in a portrait like this. for this type of shot, natural color or pure black and white would look better.
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This is a very good snap. A little more of the upper body would have been better, but it's a family keeper for years to come anyway.
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Nice photo ~ and very lovely wife.

I hope you don't mind taking the liberty to try something with your photo. The only thing that really needed changing was (IMO) her position in the photo. Cutting away some of the dead space, from either side of her, was something that I felt would help make the photo even better. I tried cutting from the left, then the right side. Both worked, to me, but I kinda liked the left-side a little better. I also did away with the wrinkles between her eyes, caused by her squinting. It may not look that natural, as the wrinkles are a natural occurrence behind squinting actions. But, it is just something that I thought I'd try. Again...I hope you don't mind.


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Not at all NLA. I do think you have improved it. Thank you all for your thoughts. It is something I will take into account next time.

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Mmmmmm, I dunno...... I like the squint in this one. Seems she is about to say something or telling us something about how she feels about who she is looking at ! She looks very comfortable and at ease being here !

I am familiar with the look.... as in, it's the one my wife gives me before she craks me in the back of the head for something I said ( or shouldn't have said ) ! heh, heh, heh....

** Four stars ! **
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