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Default Ice Reflection / Exposure of "white"

Please share your thoughts on this sample. I was hoping to gain input on one particular aspect however - that being, "controlling" the white glare from some of the ice.

In some cases, the "white" of the ice is the same as the froth of the water. I think the photo results may have been different (for the water) had I used a faster shutter speed. (?) I'm not getting the results I want adjusting brightness, contrast, etc - I need a better technique when capturing the original image.

All matters of critique are appreciated - what else do you like / dislike?


Kevin Childress
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Kevin Childress
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I believe there's simply too much dynamic range in the scene. Shooting RAW and toning down the highlights might relieve the blow outs slightly, other than that perhaps exposure bracketing. A mechanical fix could be using a reflector to bring in some light to the rest of the scene to equal out the exposure.
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I don't really know the best answer for you. The problem you might have with using a fast shutter speed and freezing the motion of the water is that the picture might become too "busy" and it might be harder to see where the water ends and the ice begins. But since it's digital, try it - there's always the delete key if it doesn't work right.

The biggest problem I see with this picture is that it looks a bit soft on my monitor (leaves, ice, rocks). Perhaps there might have been some slight camera shake due to the slow shutter speed? That can happen even if you are using a tripod (especially a light one). I think if the picture were sharper, so there was more detail/texture in the ice, that would help separate the ice from the water, especially if you keep the shutter speed slow enough to blur the water, like you did here.

As far as the glare/reflection - try shooting with a circular polarizer. That helps tame reflected light, but it won't necessarily help with the fact the ice and the frothy water are both more or less white, but like different shutter speeds, it's worth a try and might provide some unexpected results.
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i would agree with gerafix on the blown highlights, those ideas would be a good start. you could expose it not to blow the whites and then bring the shadows back up, which having the latitude in RAW would be a big help

for me, i find this shot falls in the middle of a scene and a detail shot. so it really doesn't do either. for a waterfall, its pretty small and has no context. and the leaves distract more than they frame this shot.
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