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Originally Posted by musket View Post
I think that in the first shot that the selective focus is what seems out

so I tried an edit with selective focus and brightening
Ok, that's pretty good. I'm just looking at it on my phone right now, but I am impressed. Can you explain your steps in achiving this?
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I downloaded the first one and played with it some myself. The more I look at it, the more I think the focus is what's wrong, that there's nothing wrong with the lens. If you look closely to the left of the eye, you can see a bit of blurring in the fur, and while the hind quarter on the left side is a bit blurry, the tail, just above it, is mostly sharp. I did a quick edit, sharpened using a high pass filter (not what I normally use for sharpening, but often a useful technique), and then used levels to change the white point only. I thought musket's edit went brighter than what I personally prefer - it all depends on your taste.

Here's what I came up with, with very little time involved (thought about your picture for longer than what I spent in photoshop).
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Using Coral Paint shop pro X that I got here.


I used quite a few steps..the first was smart photo fix which brightened

and sharpened 'auto'

then color>>channel mixer main channel 167 others -37

then hue/saturation/lightness saturation -32

I thought there where noticeable artifacts so then used jpg artifact removal set at maximum. (I might have used digital camera noise removal as well)

to sharpen I used unsharp mask at radius 1.00 strength 100 clipping 0

I then used the selection tool to make a box around the rear leg and used unsharp mask set at radius 2.00 strength 100 clipping 0 to perform selective focus

then optomised and saved as a jpg
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Thanks to all for your help. I am pretty sure now the lens is fine. I sent some of my images to Pentax for Joe Virgil's opinion, and he believes the lens is fine.
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