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Default Just Need Some Critiques for a Newbie

Well I just recently got into photography, when I went on a trip to Europe. SO i thought I post some of those pics and see if I could get any input. They were tweeked in iPhoto. Thanks!

THanks for looking! These were all shot with a Nikon D40 with a 18-55 mm lens. Here is a link to check out the rest http://s814.photobucket.com/albums/zz62/EdgarEvan/Pics/

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Pretty nice aspect on allot of your shots. I would work on the white balancing on some of them. Auto is okay, but you may want to use a custom white balance more often. I would consider a circular polarizer for the shots that includes blue sky's to bring out the blue more.
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Hi Edgar,
Congratulations on getting your new DSLR. I hope you have as much fun learning the art of photography as I am having. As you've found out with a digital camera, it's a blast to capture images of lots of different subjects, experiment with photo editing and then displaying your results for all the world to see.

One of the challenges of photography is to convey, through your photograph, what it is that you saw in a subject that inspired you to take shot in the first place, so that others may be able to enjoy it as well. In other words, the picture tells a story don't it.

Having said that, I like the first shot of the flag. It's well exposed, sharp, and I like the angle of the shot - I know what the subject is. I also like the image of the candles as they set a mood.

The second image of the fountain would have come out a lot better (IMHO)
if the right side was not cropped off. It looks like you may have over processed it a bit in I-Photo. Pointing the camera up towards the sky on a very bright day usually gives you a bit of lens flare (that's the purple ring on the middle of the frame) And, there are tourists walking on the left side of the fountain that aren't part of the story.

Some things to think about for the future: When confronted with a sky like that which has interesting clouds, you might want to wait until the sun is behind one of the clouds to eliminate the harsh glare. The same with the tourists, when people are walking by, just wait a bit until they pass, from view. And if you're really serious about getting a great shot, get up early and get down to the fountain before the Sun is high in the sky and there are few tourists around to get in your way. The Sun is also low in the sky which offers you a great deal more control over where you can stand. One last point; think about how you might want to frame the subject and what's behind it and take a number of shots from different positions. you'll be surprised how much better a subject might look from a different angle.

The last shot is a bit confusing because I don't know what you found interesting there that you wanted others to see. I know there are 2 dogs there but one is in the shadows and I can't make it out much. So, can't really comment on that.

The figure on the street is a good shot although it would be much improved if the detail wasn't so dark. Seeing the subjects face and eyes would have created a more compelling photograph.

I hope I didn't come across as being too critical.
And, what's most important is that you liked them.
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Welcome. Glad to have you aboard. Also glad you're jumping in feet first and looking for constructive critique. That's great. Please take a moment to review this post on guidelines:

Keeping each post to a single image really helps the process and generally results in more informative feedback. Not a problem that you missed the guidelines. Just an fyi for next time.

Again, welcome aboard!
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Zig-123 has a lot of good things to say here, I just want to add my two cents:

#1 Rule: pay attention to the WHOLE frame, not just the subject. People in the background (fountain), Mystery shapes (bottom of the statue, should probably crop that). When there are strange / unintended objects in a frame, it is a distraction to the viewer. I'm not looking at the statue, I'm wondering what that stuff at the bottom of the frame is. This applies to the candle shot too. There is that extra candle flame in the lower right, and some green reflections? distant candles? I can't tell, and am wasting time trying to figure that out instead of admiring a very nice image. Here is what I mean (this too me literally 2 minutes online).

Hope this helps, you've got good technical skills behind the lens!
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#1 Rule: pay attention to the WHOLE frame, not just the subject

Very true - One of my friends has the church bins in the background of their wedding photos :/
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